Discovering the Big Picture Producing and Selling Jigsaw Puzzles

If you manage a gift store selling to tourists and need to find a custom puzzle manufacturers, then look no further than

After 200 years, it’s amazing that Puzzles are simply as common today as they were in days passed. The majority of us grow up with puzzles around our home and they are still a familiar product in the family residence now. Puzzles draw in an amazingly large age range of people who take pleasure in the challenge. From Grandkids to Grandparents, all enjoy Picture Puzzles. With the capability to print a puzzle with any picture, it grew popular for Exhibitions, Tourist Attractions and Art Galleries to have these made to advertise their business.

As a popular puzzle manufacturers,’s site shows an easy to view portfolio listing the type of puzzles they produce, how they produce them, and a chance to ask for a no charge quote on their product and services.

The business just recently added a 350 piece circular puzzle following an inquiry from a business customer. This puzzle size offers something different from the conventional rectangular puzzles.

The puzzles are all packed in high quality flip open boxes customized with the puzzle image and the customer’s contact information featured on the box.

Another interesting item provided by the company is a Postcard Puzzle. Every Gift Retailer offers Postcards of their tourist attraction so taking this conventional concept a stage further, the firm has launched a small 9 or 24 piece puzzles made into Postcards. These postcard puzzles can be sent with the mail like any other postcard however offers the entertainment of a puzzle to the recipient.…